Greetings from Takshila School! Joyous learning to all!!

We, at Takshila School, heartily welcome you to a year of triumph, fulfillment, positivity and optimism.

We aspire to provide education that will make them capable to face the challenges of living and excelling in the global world. We strive to give our students a holistic, value based education with the hope that they grow up as sensitive, thinking individuals who feel the need to give back to society what they have gained. Our endeavor is to develop empathy in our students. Also, we see to it that schooling is a pleasurable experience for them, and that they happily learn the essential skills and techniques to become successful in future. We want our students to carve a niche for themselves in the big wide world.

We are continuously on the move to make our students self -reliant, dutiful, disciplined, curious and socially responsible citizens. Hence, apart from focusing on academic brilliance alone, the school provides ample opportunities to our students to unravel and explore their hidden and latent talents.

The curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted in order to hone the skills that ultimately help the students achieve our vision of all-round progress.

Therefore, we have come up with a few new things this year which will help continue in the next Academic session too

o Day Boarding
o Remedial Classes
o Foundation Courses for NEET, IIT – JEE [For Classes 8th to 11th]
o New Batch of Class 11th (science)
o Scout and Guide Activity
o Sanskrit as teaching
o Foreign Dept. in the pipeline
o Personality development

We wish all the best and look forward to a wonderful journey with lots of activities planned. We also welcome your participation and support during the year.

Ms. Padmavati Palase