Q.1. Do you have hostel facility? A. NO

Q.2 Which are the areas/ locations/ neighbourhood you cover? A. Palush, Bhilwadi, Dudhgaon, Kawthepiran

Q.3. Where is the school located? A. South of Shree Datta Sai Mandir, 100 Ft Road, Sangli

Q.4. What are the school timings? A. Give School Timings for all levels :
Pre-primary: 9.30am to 1.30pm
Primary:8.30am to 2.45pm.
Middle School : 8.30am to 2.45pm.
Senior School : 8.30am to 2.45pm.

Q.5. By when will the school be till class 12th? A. X is the Highest Class, 2016-2017

Q.6. Which languages will be offered as third language in school, & from which class? A. From Class I, Marathi

Q.7. What are the sports being offered in the school? A. Kabbadi, KHO-KHO, Karate, Archery, Yoga

Q.8. What are the medical facilities available in the school? A. Oxygen cylinder is available in the school, Two doctors in case of emergency are available for any support.

Q.9. How often will there be PTMs? A. Bimonthly

Q.10. When is the last day of submission of forms? A. No limit prescribed

Q.11. Are you teaching any foreign language? A. No