Takshila School is a school of long cherished vision. The vision of our school is to create diverse learning opportunities so that each child develops his/ her potential. With focus on academic excellence and the best pedagogical practices, the school aims to nurture learners towards being virtuous and technology savvy.  The goal of the school is to impart quality education to its students keeping in view our inherited values and rich cultural heritage. Our sole purpose is to   facilitate all round development of the children. It will develop in them right thinking capabilities, physical abilities, desired personal traits, and the much needed sensitivity towards the society. Our efforts are to lay a very strong foundation so that students are prepared to face the future challenges boldly and courageously.

We firmly believe that discipline is the backbone of any educational institution and therefore, we lay due stress, to inculcate among our students, a feeling of self discipline so that they may become true and responsible citizens of the country.

We also believe in the dignity and worth of each student and recognize the importance of his/her responsibility towards fellows. According to us all children should have equal opportunities for education, consistent with their individual capabilities and personal and social needs.

We are of the opinion that change is the continuous process in the life. Education should, therefore, encourage   the student’s development of personal values and thinking processes that will facilitate their intelligent adaptability to the rapid changing society. We believe in value education, a system that brings forth mentally, socially, and morally responsible human beings. Through focused learning, students are helped to flourish in their chosen arena.

Warm Regards,

The Principal,