Infrastructure beyond just brick & mortar

The school is built on almost five acres of land and is designed to provide a feeling of space, air and light. It offers state of the art infrastructure to its students.

Learning does not happen only in classrooms.

Takshila believes in the infinite capacity of the young minds to absorb knowledge from the surroundings they live in .One of the reasons why children do not like going to school is because they do not find the physical environment interesting.

With this in mind all Takshila Schools are being designed as buildings with learning aids-a concept developed by leading school architects, designers, educationist and psychologists.

Known as BaLa( Building as learning Aids), this is a holistic thought process which envisions the total physical environment of the school as a teaching tool.

Takshila School has been conceived as a physical environment connected to the way children learn. Thus, the school building and the campus itself will serve as an open classroom with hands on activities to engage children in a variety of learning experience.

Spatial Designs, simple toys based on theories of physics & chemistry, arithmetical and geometrical puzzles embedded in walls and walk-ways, and mapped play areas help children understand and grasp concepts with the aid of teachers.

Parents will be encouraged to participate in this learning process.


A well equipped smart class has been set up to improve teacher effectiveness & productivity by bringing abstract & difficult curriculum concepts to life. This makes learning an enjoyable experience and improves academic performance of students.

Smart class is a digital solution designed by Educomp, a pioneer in the field of digital education and contains a vast repository of instruction materials, thousands of highly animated lesson specific , 3D & 2D multimedia modules. These modules are aggregated & continuously populated through ongoing development at Educomp’s Digital Products & Solutions group. Educational videos from Eureka & Discovery channel are available for teachers for use in the classroom.

Resource Room

The school’s library is located centrally to facilitate ease of access and houses a wide range of books. The aim is to help children discover the joy of reading. A unique “Graded Reading” methodology is adopted to suit the need of every child.

Sports Facilities

Sports are essential for an all round development of an individual. To cater to this the schools offers various facilities. The school is well equipped to offer basket ball, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, Gymnastic, Tennis,table tennis and various indoor games like ludo, chess, carrom in its sports complex.

Jimmy Jolly Park

An innovative park has been set up which aids in development of gross & fine motor skills and also enhances a child’s imaginative skills. It provides a safe & stimulating environment for children to interact and importance is placed on the growth & development in positive ways.

Learning Centers

Learning centers have been set up in each classroom. There are centers where a child has a sense of heightened alertness &learning happens effortlessly. Learning centers respond to a child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs. There is a wise and thoughtful balance between teacher-directed work and child-chosen and child-directed activities. These centers not only promote active learning but also promote creativity, healthy social development, independence& develop motivation.


A well equipped infirmary caters to the student’s medical needs during the school hour. A highly qualified nurse is available during school hours. The nurse accompanies the students on their outings. The nurse conducts periodic health checks and meticulously maintains their health charts.

Sunken Area

The sunken area is the nerve center of Takshila. It has been strategically built in the center of the school and various activities like assembly, projects, games, yoga etc are held here.

Audio Visual Room

A well equipped audio visual room has been set up in the school. This room can be utilized by teachers & students and can seat upto 50 people at a time.

ICT Labs

Takshila School will also be laying a lot of emphasis on learning infused with computing skills and applications. Fully integrated IT systems, networked classrooms and computer labs which can access data and multimedia content is also available in Takshila School so that the teachers & students can access data real time. Special attention is paid to making students proficient in use of application softwares like word processors, vector and raster based designing software and html and multimedia applications in the existing schools and this will also be done in Takshila School.

Art Studio

Art as a subject is recommended at all stages covering all four major spheres, i.e. music, dance, visual arts and theatre. It promotes aesthetic and personal awareness and ability to express oneself in different forms. To achieve this objective we have Music Studio, Dance Studio, Theater Studio, Art/Craft Studio.

Open Air Auditorium

An open air auditorium which can house more than 500 people will be utilized for numerous workshops, national & international competitions and seminars.