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About Takshila Schools

Takshila School Bhubaneswar, a JV with BMPS, is driven by the vision of an India whose children are educated, environmentally conscious and ready to become global leaders of the future. To make sure that this vision becomes a reality Takshila has already established nine spectacularly successful schools and more such world class schools are coming up in the near future.

Quality control, scientific management and infusion of latest technology in the knowledge industry is the mantra by which Takshila operates and this philosophy can be seen in the satisfactory dividends that its schools have yielded in terms of academic, co-curricular and financial performance.

TakshilaSchool, has been established to revolutionize education in India by creating knowledge in the classrooms. Takshila School is committed to extend the reach of quality education to smaller cities & towns of India delivering the best in school education.

At Takshila, all our efforts are directed towards shaping the future of education in a manner that makes the schooling years productive, joyous & enriching.

We use a curriculum designed in a manner where we let the child’s imagination going by turning the ordinary into extraordinary. At Takshila, we believe that each child has the potential to learn at the same pace rubbishing the myth that different children have different learning capabilities. The difference arises not because of capabilities but the way learning is imparted. Classes at Takshila are not restricted to text books but go beyond and use technology, projects, games, learning centers and various other means as a medium of creating knowledge in the classrooms by discovery & exploration. Classes at Takshila are not replicas of each other but are customized by the teachers as per the requirement of the students.

Takshila follows the unique EDAC Learning System which is a dynamic curriculum developed after lot of research & experiment by a dedicated team of professionals from all walks of life which includes academicians, psychologists, researchers & others. EDAC is a living & dynamic system which is constantly evolving to ensure overall development of the individual thus equipping him with the ability to face any challenges & uncertainties of the future.

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