The school’s pedagogy encompasses the following notions,

  • Seeking knowledge in life outside the school.
  • Taking learning away from the age-old rote method.
  • Making the curriculum non-textbook centric.
  • Simplifying the examination process.
  • Applying contemporary learning styles.
  • Emphasizing problem solving techniques.

The teaching process aims to fuel a child’s natural desire to learn as well as to expand the gamut of their imagination. Knowledge is distinguished from information and teaching is seen as a professional activity, not just a tool for transmission of facts. Activity is at the heart of the students’ attempts to make sense of the world around, so every resource is deployed to help them explore their natural and social milieu while also expressing themselves in a healthy manner. The curriculum is designed in a way to let the student’s imagination get rolling by turning the ordinary into extraordinary. It applies technology, projects, games, learning centers and various other means as real life media of imparting education. Thus using the textbook only to corroborate more emphatically, what the student has already learned.