Dear Readers,

Takshila Greetings!

We all know that the nature of the system of education in a country has got a very remarkable pivoted role to decide the destiny of Nation-building approach of a country. The system of Education is highly responsible for shaping the future of students. Students can only be multi-talented if they are given a similar learning and comprehensive curriculum right from the childhood.

It would express my immense pleasure to be a part of the E-DAC learning system. The basis of this system rests on a four-fold philosophy – E which stands for Engage, Excite, Encourage; D which stands for Discover, Do, Document; A stands for Assimilate, Analyse, Apply and C stands for Consolidate, Construct, and Create.

In my twenty one years of academic and administrative experience in school, I have heartily felt that children are the most positive and active buds of life. They are just like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression. Children should be tackled with utmost care and they should be given the best facilities available right from the childhood.

The E-DAC learning system, I must admit, is an extensive system which helps in building up the versatile personality of a child.

It makes a child self dependent and confident for his future. It enhances his/her decision making approach and gives him a more creative plethora in life.

There are 15 schools following the E-DAC philosophy under Educomp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The goal of the TKS society is to empower students in rural areas.

Takshila School