Q.1. Do you have hostel facility? A. Yes, we have hostel facilities for boys. - Capacity -50, Present strength-24

Q.2 Which are the areas/ locations/ neighbourhood you cover? A. We welcome all students. However, the school transport is available upto 30 kms of school neighbourhood.
We cover Ballia, Khagaria, Manjhaul & Barauni routes

Q.3. Where is the school located? A. Shahpur, NH-31, Thana- Muffasil, Begusarai, Bihar

Phone no- 9308270422; 06243-259353, 299353

Q.4. What are the school timings? A. 8:00 am to 2:00 pm in Summer

8:30 am to 2:30 pm in Winter

Q.5. By when will the school be till class 12th? A. In 2016 – 17 session we will have the senior secondary classes.

Q.6. Which languages will be offered as third language in school, & from which class? A. Besides English & Hindi, Sanskrit is offered as third language from class-3 onwards.

Q.7. What are the sports being offered in the school? A. We offer Chess, Cricket, Badminton, football, Volley Ball, Basketball, Hokey, Skating, karate & many more.

Q.8. What are the medical facilities available in the school? A. We have a well equipped infirmary with an in-house nurse to provide first-aid and emergency facilities to students and staff in the school. We have the tie-up with Alexia Hospital & Sadbhavana Hospital to handle the emergency cases.

Q.9. How often will there be PTMs? A. Parents are free to visit the teachers on the 4th Saturday of every month besides this we have four PTMs every year i.e. on last Saturday of every quarter.

Q.10. When is the last day of submission of forms? A. 30th March

Q.11. Are you teaching any foreign language? A. Under the three point language formula as given in the National Curriculum Framework, besides English & Hindi, we shall give our students an option of Sanskrit/ French/ any other language depending on the demand in the school and availability of faculty.